Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Hi! This is the day that the Lord has made, let's rejoice in it together!

We are rejoicing in the wonderful ways that God goes before us and behind us to take care of His children.

Frank and I were out with our agent STILL trying to find a house when he got a call. The man buying our house lost his job and the contract fell through. I feel really bad for him, but I know that God is in control. The pressure is off for us to find a house so quickly. And I won't have to close with power of attorney and move without Frank - which would've been hard for him.

What a reminder that God knows best for us! I only pray that poor man feels the same way.

Frank had his blood work drawn in Little Rock yesterday. We don't any results yet, but expect them to be wonderful. The 22nd will be here before we know it. The kids said we need to pack in a lot of fun before Daddy has to leave. I totally agree!

With love and thanksgiving for you all.........Peg

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