Monday, August 28, 2006


Good morning. We are in Little Rock after a busy busy week full of emotions all across the board. We'll share more later, but just wanted to let everyone know we're here.

Frank doesn't even know his test schedule for today, except that his bone marrow is at 9:30. Good to know since he "self medicates" for pain. He's in good spirits, and humor.

It'll be a full day at the hospital, and then we'll move into the apt.
Thank you all for your prayers and support as we got ready to leave.

We're excited in advance to be able to brag on God, best said in Psalm 52:8-9 "I trust in the mercy of God forever and ever. I will praise You forever, because you have done it...I will wait on your name, for it is good."

Good evening. Hope you all had a good Monday.
We are tired, but glad to have the party started. We're settled in. We like this apartment better than the other place we stayed. It's newer, brighter and only 3 miles from the clinic. Yippee. Frank mentioned that he was glad to be in a new place. Emotionally, he thinks it'll make a difference to be in some place new.

We got the clinic early. It's amazing how it's like "coming home" when we get here. Every body remembers us and it's good to see a smiling face as we hop from department to department. We have a comfort level and trust with this place. Frank had lab, bone marrow biopsy, MUGA (?) heart test, and EKG. He had a 7pm MRI tonight but went and did that by himself. I stayed here to clean up from dinner and just.....he just walked in!! How fun. He rang the door bell.... has anybody else lived in an aptartment with a door bell. I think it's odd. Who can't hear you knocking at the door?? This place is small.

Anyway, We walked up to get his lab drawn. As we head down the hall, I see this older gentleman with a really dark dark tan. He's reading the paper, and I look closer. It's Roy Schneider, Dr. Brody from Jaws. We knew he was here from our last visit. I saw him briefly in the lobby. I wasn't sure his diagnosis was "out" and I felt bad mentioning it. So... I did what anybody would do... I Googled it. It's out, cause I read articles about it. So, now with a clear conscience, I can say I sat down next to him and.....never said a word!!! Frank was so proud of me. Mr. Roy (Dr. Brody) looked like he didn't feel good. Frank was proud of me for not asking for his autograph or anything. What I really wanted was his paper so I could read about the plane crash in KY. (I did snap a shot with my camera phone though)

Frank has PET scan tomorrow and I think we're done until Wednesday. It's days like tomorrow that get long. You have a lot of down time and start thinking about all you could be doing if you were home. Frank calls the office a lot.

We saw a patient that we met on her first visit to Little Rock. She was waiting with us in the room to have her very first bone marrow biopsy. Frank shared his medicine with her to ease her pain, and we were able to encourage her about the road ahead. She's already done her 2 transplants and is in remission. She was so glad to run into us. I love it when we connect and reconnect with people!

Some have asked if we can get mail here.
Our local phone number is 501-603-9541
Address: 1504 Parham Pointe #11B, Little Rock, AR 72204

Frank is sore from the bone marrow biopsy. The lady today had trouble getting a good sample. I don't know if it was her skill level or just bad luck today, but he's more uncomfortable that usual.

Feeling good, feeling blessed, feeling covered in prayer..... thank you
Until later... Frank and Peggy

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