Wednesday, November 8, 2006

It is well, is well, is well with my soul!

And, according to Dr. Barlogie it is also well with my bone marrow. The latest round of tests provided us with a good clean report. Praise God!

According to the fine Dr's in Little Rock I am in remission. In fact the places on my bones where the cancer had attacked are healing up.

The next step in this on-going battle will be what is known as consolidation chemotherapy. This means I will cycle through another 6 rounds of chemo - 2 weeks on - 10 days off.
This process will take from now until about May 2007 to complete.

The really good news about this treatment is that they (Univ. of Arkansas MIRT) have clinical results that show that this treatment regimen really does keep High Risk patients in remission.
If you weren't aware I am a High Risk patient.

That's about it. Keep lifting me and the family up.
God has seen fit to keep me here for a while longer. Pray that I spend myself wisely in His service.



Anonymous said...


That is excellent news. We pray for you and your family everyday and it brings a great amount of joy to us that God is still using you.

Take care,
2006-11-08 21:01:41 GMT

Anonymous said...

Praise God for the good news from Dr. B! Frank, you are such a testimony to God's love and grace. We will continue to pray for you in consolidation. God bless all of you!
--Margaret Martin
2006-11-09 22:07:42 GMT

lou said...

I dont know that Frank will ever be able to top the year he was MnM. I still laugh when I think of him in that getup! :) Love you all so much! Enjoy the weekend!