Friday, November 3, 2006

Well, we are in Little Rock. He's almost done with everything and we can get on the road to Memphis. Things have gone well.

The bone marrow was one of his best ever ~ said he hardly felt anything. He gave the tech a big hug. Now he's locked in the big radioactive room and I can't go in I decided to come check my email.

Halloween was fun. I'll put a picture up next time. I keep forgetting to hook up the camera. Frank was a conehead (like from Saturday Night Live). He wasn't as excited about his costume this year, so the mood seemed low key. Plus it was cold and rainy.
He missed the festival at church because of a fever, and he was bummed about it. That's when we have our fun.

But on Tues, little bitty ghost and goblins came just the same. I don't know about your neighborhood, but it was the year of the witch at our house. Not as many princesses as I normally see on little girls.

The break has been wonderful. Frank made the comment that it seems longer than 5 weeks. We are praying for great results. We don't really know what the doctor has in mind as far as future treatments. He's ready for a break. So, please pray that God will go before and prepare Frank's heart for what he has to say on Monday.

Pray that he would have wisdom and clear direction on what to do next.

We love you all and feel so very blessed!! All covered up in His grace, Peg

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Anonymous said...

Thinking of you guys! Hope all is well. Love ya, Sharon Smith
2006-11-06 22:42:55 GMT