Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Tuesday,

Things went well today. Frank had to be at radiology by 10. We've been thinking all this time they were going into the shoulder lesion they found when he relapsed in 2005. But, they didn't.

They said that all the other lesions he has have shown some changes. These are changes that show where his body is trying to repair itself. This takes years depending on how big the lesion is but it's still a good sign to see.

But the lesion they went into today was the largest one he's had from the beginning. It's in his right hip. They said it hasn't changed over the 4+ years. So, that's where they went in today.

We did feel good about it because he said it is not a "hot spot". So, although that makes us feel really confident.... why are they doing this? We don't know.

Frank said the experience was a new one for him and strange at best. He was on his back. The went in from the front so he got to watch the whole thing..... he'd tell it better than me so I'll skip all that.....

After we left there, we drove to Hot Springs for him do some work. While he was in his meeting, I got to browse the quaint little shops there. I had a neat experience while I was alone there.
There was a veteran on an old bike decorated with more flags than he had room for. He got off his bike to go into the coffee shop that I was sitting in front of. I struck up a conversation with him but, of course, quickly noticed that he didn't talk. He had one of those black boxes that you use to make your vocal cords vibrate so he can talk. To be honest.... this one of those guys that most people ~yes, I have been guilty of this ~ would avoid eye contact with. But he had smiled so genuinely at me, and we DID catch eyes. That made me really want to talk to him. We had a nice conversation about the obvious... places he's lived, how he got his bike (not a motorcycle, a 10 speed), and why I was in AR. He had cancer of the throat in 1995 and has been using the box since then. He said everyday that he wakes up and gets out of the bed is a great day. And we talked about the blessing of healing! Then he rode off on his only mode of transportion.

But he told me I made his day and thanked me for talking to him... which, in turn, made my day.
We are in the hotel room for the night. I plan to watch Idol and vote from here. Frank has been in and out of naps...

We see the famous Dr. Barlogie tomorrow at 10:30. And we are very anxious to get home... love to all.


Anonymous said...

Praying for a restful night as you anticipate your appointment tomorrow. It sounds like your prayer from Sunday was answered...God put someone in your path to be a wittness to. Pretty neat! Love you guys.
--Jane Hillis
2007-05-16 00:02:07 GMT

Anonymous said...

Keeping you in my toughts and prayers. I have really been touched by the faith that your family has shown through all of this. God Bless
--Bryan Linkins CRS
2007-05-16 05:08:25 GMT