Friday, August 3, 2007

Hello Everyone !

I thought I would weigh in with a few comments.

If you have been keeping up with the talk around the "water cooler" you know that this week has been pretty tense.

It all started with my developing a limp about three weeks ago.

Peggy had started getting suspicious that my problem wasn't a simple leg strain, so she called the Dr's in Little Rock to ask a few questions. Once she did that, well they freaked out, which in turn caused us to freak out, so we (Peggy and I) wound up in Little Rock all week.

They ran a bunch of tests on me and found out that MY CANCER IS NOT BACK!
Yea me! Yeah God!!

The best part is that even though we were scared, we did turn to the Lord in prayer. Some folks even text messaged prayers or called me up and prayed with me on the phone.

The whole week reminded me of the Mercy Me song, 'Bring the Rain'.
The song brings up the fact that it might take "storms" in life to bring us closer to God. Well, I wish I could tell you that I was 100% faithful and had no doubts, but I did have doubts.

I actually got real choked up one morning and prayed for just a sprinkle, I told God that I wasn't ready for the rain,.... not now....things have been just been so good lately.
Well, He was, just a sprinkle.

Thank you for your thoughts, kind words, and especially for your prayers. God once again answered by "holding our hands" as we walked through a valley.

The only downer is that I DO have the "SHINGLES".

So please, no big hugs, no slaps on the booty, and no bumping me in the hallway to see if I'll fall over, cause I will.

I am hurting, but it hurts so good! Yes, I am so happy to have the shingles!


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Barbara & Scott said...

YEAH!!! We are so thankful and relieved at the great results!!! So sorry about the shingles, but great about continued remission!!! Thank you LORD! Love yall