Friday, August 10, 2007

Well, It's the last weekend before school starts! Sunday's early to bed time. I am so sad... really! I would like a few more weeks.

Frank started his chemo "lite", as he calls it, on Thursday. Usually he doens't look forward to the steriods they give him. But this time, he welcomed it. They gave him a boost of energy that he was long missing, and he has felt some relief from the shingles.
Other that the hiccups that he always gets when he's on Dex, he's doing really good.

These treatments will be 2 days a week for 2 weeks, 10 days off, then the same cycle repeats for 6 months. We'll return to Little Rock after 3 of them for another check up.

Things have been busy in our family. Besides our quick trip to Little Rock and getting ready for school, my grandmother had surgery today for a hip fracture.

I hope this finds you all well and happy. We love you all! Peg

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Momma and Mimi -- from her hospital room said...

We were praising the Lord for all the answers to prayers we have shared together these past weeks. What wonderful blessings we have in our Savior and our Great Physician. Praise His Name!