Tuesday, January 7, 2003

Hello Everyone:It's me, Frank, and this is my first web entry. I wish I could take credit for the page, but up till now I've been watching ESPN while Peggy figured out how to edit the Web page.

Now I know why it's called Yahoo.................Kudos’ to Curtis England, Kris Mathesen, Patrick Casey, and Greg Adams for answering my last minute questions and helping get the best darn domain deal on the Internet. The page wouldn't be here save for your efforts!

Well...the first day of the rest of my 'new' life gets cranked up again tomorrow. Peggy and I are in Little Rock to begin the analysis phase of treatment. Tomorrow, Thursday, & Friday I get to be "sampled". Not exactly my idea of fun, but hey things could be worse. They promised to be nice and use small needles. I'll report on the veracity of the travel brochure claims later.Monday, January 13th is the day that we will be meeting my Dr. Bart Barlogie. (He’s an M.D. and a lot of other abbreviated titles,) IF there is a man on the planet that can help, he is the guy.Pray for him while you’re on your knees for us!

Speaking of Physicians on the case, the original & greatest physician Jehovah God has been working in a mighty way.As far as I know the work has mainly been done on developing my faith in Him. This has been an awesome experience. For a slight explanation read I Peter 4:12-19 this passage is really directed at those who suffer because they ARE Christians, not just suffering in general.However, no matter the cause of our suffering, our response should be the same. ...Commit yourself to our faithful Creator and continue to do well.

That's my prayer for me and for you!More later..........May the God creation blow the winds of joy into your sail!

Hi everyone, it’ Peggy. I am thankful to be here. I am thankful for a lot of things...but I am calling "Trading Spaces" for this apartment! I thought Frank was going to laugh at me for bringing my own plates and coffee mugs, but after we got here, I think he's happy with me. I love brownie points!

He wants to watch basketball on TV tonight. Msu vs. Florida. Better put: the #6 against the #8 teams in the nation. The fact that I know that means...right, more brownie points for me!

Today's scripture for me to read was 2 Cor. 1: 3-5. God is the father of all mercies. And the God of all comfort. My prayer for tomorrow is verse 4. I want to find someone in that large, strange place that I can comfort. I want to give comfort to someone else with the comfort that God has given me. It may be another patient, it may be a staff member...and it may be Frank! (If it were, I would hope that that didn't mean I had been neglecting him) To be honest, his attitude about everything has been a comfort to me. He has been amazing. The game is about to start. GO DAWGS! God bless you!



Anonymous said...

Name : Dawn Horning-Courtneys best friend and matron of honor @ her wedding
Comments : I thank you for sharing your journey. I have been on a journey myself the past 2 years (almost)...I was diagnosed with breast cancer 11-13-01. It was between a stage 2 and a stage 3. I am a believer in the Jesus Christ, and I believe He has healed me.

Anonymous said...

Name : Martha Ann and Leo
Comments : John 15:9 As the Father has loved me, I have also loved you; abide in my love. Ms. Odie is truly an angel, a messenger of Gods word. Her telephone call was meant to be!

Anonymous said...

Name : Marketa Nash
Comments : Frank, I am so happy that you and your family are doing so well with your symptoms. There is no illness, just symptoms. I have been talking to Neely to see how you guys have been doing. She always has good news to share and that in itself is a grand bles

Anonymous said...

Name : Casey and Moses...
Comments : We miss you and love you. Have a great time together. (tell us again whats so great about peace and quiet???)