Wednesday, January 8, 2003

Well, here I sit. For those of you who have been on the web site, you know that it looks different. The other entries are gone. I hit some button and it got deleted!! I have a big bad feeling in my stomach that I know will go day!!

Frank is asleep. Dinner is in the oven. I feel terrible that I erased his sweet entry! I didn't think you could just erase everything with one button. That only happens in the movies!

Today was long, but good. The testing today was hard on Frank, I think. We got to the hospital at 8. We spent 2 hours with the nurse giving a detailed history. Then we went to Insurance, and then Frank had 16 vials of blood drawn. His eyes got big when he looked at all those vials. The nurse looked like she was restocking the supplies - and then she started labeling all of them with his stickers! But she didn't take it all...he still has some left. We saw a social worker at 11. She got to hear Frank's testimony. She never indicated that she was a believer, so I think it's neat that she got to hear about the Lord.

We ate lunch, and then went for his bone marrow biopsies. This was painful for Frank. They let me sit at his head and be near his face. Not a good place if I didn't want him to see me cry. But the best place indeed. They took 2 bone samples, and 9 syringes of bone marrow. We went for his pulmonary functions after that and then he was done. He was ready to get out of there.

But I don't want to go on without saying how nice everyone is. We never felt like we were anything but their top concern. We met people from Jonesboro, Knoxville, Michigan and Germany today. All men with Myeloma.We stopped at Kroger on the way back to the apt so we didn’t have to go out. Frank is sleeping. Maybe he'll feel better and make his own entry later.

Mom seems to be doing great at home. Aren't you mom? I love you. The kids all talked to us last night. It was report card day, and the first day back to school.

Happy Birthday to Lauren and Jimmy. Sweet 16 and the Big 10! That is exciting! We both love you very much and hope you guys are having a great day!

Frank and I are so blessed with wonderful families.My scripture verse today is Isaiah 40: 28-31. Our Everlasting God and Creator never becomes weary or tired. Thank you, Lord. He gives strength to the weary. Thank you, Lord. He gives His strength to us so we can run and not get tired, we can run and not get weary. Thank you, Lord.We are thanking God for our family, our friends, for the provisions He has made for us, and for the love He has so freely given.

Love to all, Peggy (if it's not too much trouble, please pray that I'll get smarter with this computer and this web page)

Oh yeah, the feeling in my stomach is finally gone. :)One more thing! The guest book won't let you write more than a few lines.
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