Thursday, January 9, 2003

Country Music is not a good way to wake up.

Peggy and I were almost late to our first appointment this morning because we were lulled back to sleep by the ballads of Nashville.Today was my 3-hour, head to toe MRI. That experience reminded me a little like being 12, in Greenville, and having to hide in the sewer pipes because some BIG kids were out looking for us. The MRI makes a lot more racket than the cars driving down Reed Road but both places were tight fits.

Peggy and I are in the Cancer Center Library right now. At 1:00pm, I have a Bone Density Scan, then a PET scan soon after that. The painful stuff was done yesterday. Man, having bone marrow being sucked out of your hip is not fun. These last few tests are non-invasive; it should only be mildly uncomfortable.

Hi, everyone, it's Peggy. Frank and I are reading a book about web pages. We're getting your emails, which are wonderful to read. Thank you.

I messed up the guestbook and I'm sorry.

Jim, our brother-in-law, was here on business and spent the night with us. We got to eat together and watch a movie. Actually, we ate, and then watched Frank sleep while we watched a movie. :) I know Frank was glad to see him, and I really enjoyed his company. The best part was that Jim found the lost entries that I threw away the other day. I am learning! God is good all the time. He is good to you, and He has been good to the both of us.

We love you all. Peggy

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