Friday, January 10, 2003

Greetings to all. We are done in Little Rock until Monday! Yeah! We’re in the car on the way home to hug the kids and play with the dog until Sunday evening. What? Cat? What cat? Oh, the one that stays outside all the time since we got the puppy? He's mad at us.

A big “Thanks” to all those who have helped us this week with the children, carpool, lunches, prayers and more. Grateful doesn’t even touch it. All of you are blessings indeed.Today’s tests were simple. Frank had an ECHO this morning, and then an exercise study. This is part of a research program, with the drug Procrit (a drug that boosts the blood count) and exercise. Frank was happy about this b/c he agreed to exercise for 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week, minimum. Frank says this would hold him accountable and help him keep active.

After 12 hours in the hospital yesterday, we enjoyed a good Italian restaurant very near the apartment. He couldn’t eat 8 hours before his 2:30 scan that didn’t actually begin until after 5, so he was hungry. I didn't want to eat if he couldn't eat. The result of this was the funny look on the waiter's face when he saw how fast we ate. We were more than a little excited for our food to come! We had a great time.

We have so enjoyed the messages on the guestbook page. Thanks for writing them. We got on line together and read every one of them together last night. They got to us! I know I speak for Frank (especially since he is reading this while I'm typing) as well as myself - your notes are really special to us. We want you to know that without the support from people such as yourselves, this journey would be so much harder.

God has answered prayers indeed. Praise me to Him. Enjoy your weekend! We plan to! Love, Peggy (2 pm)

Yes we are back from Little Rock. (7pm) The enormity of my (our) diagnosis is coming into focus. In the beginning it (understanding that you have cancer) is kind of like trying to examine an elephant while it is sitting on your chest.Not only can you not see the entirety of the subject, but you can't breath or move either.Visiting ACRC (Arkansas Cancer Research Center) in Little Rock was like a crane for me. ACRC lifted the beast off my chest, and I was able to view it from a distance. If there is a group of people in this world that can help me, it is this crew.They know what they are doing, they have the best tools, and I am a healthy/compliant patient. Let the battle begin!

Peggy and I, to the best of our ability, offer you our heartfelt thank yous to all of you! You have been faithful and prayed for and with us, written cards, fixed meals, fixed our web page (no, we didn't figure it out), stopped by, hugged our kids, heck…taken care of our kids, made us laugh, wiped our tears, sent us information or books, or have offered to help us in hundreds of other ways. Until you experience the overwhelming love of others you have not lived. It is very uplifting! Really, the outpouring is more than I can describe.I've been taught that our expressions of love are a way of participating in the will of God and fulfilling the servant-hood of Christ.

Read Galatians 6:1-10 vs. 2 - Bear one another's burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.
With our arms outstretched, we say THANK YOU! Frank

Please pray for the kids this weekend. Chase has 102 fever and Chandler a low-grade fever. Frank will be on chemo next week. Love in Christ, Peggy

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