Sunday, January 12, 2003

This is day the Lord had made! I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Happy Sunday to you all. It was great to be in church today singing praises and getting fed the word of God. We got home Friday just after school. The children looked the same, but the dog had grown! Momma got a few days to be with Daddy and friends. I hope she rested…because this week will be different.

Chase has the chicken pox! The timing is not great, because we won’t be here to care for him. I hate having to miss this milestone in Chase’s life. But the sweet thing is that he got them from Frank. Not many children can say they caught the pox from their daddy. When Frank got shingles over Christmas, we knew this might happen, so we aren’t surprised at all. Keep Chase and momma in your prayers.

Frank has a CAT scan guided biopsy early tomorrow. At 11, he has behavioral medicine. ??? Yeah, us too. And then we see the doctor at noon. They said this would be about 3 hours long.

We’re anxious to hear his opinion about all Frank’s tests. We’ll let you know.

Jim, we are praying for you. If Frank gets to come home, you guys can have chemo together on Tues.
Neely, we are praying for you, and your sweet baby. We’re praying she’ll stay put a little longer.

Much love, Peggy.

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