Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Saturday to everybody.
Frank's doing well. Finally neutrapenic.

WBC 0.2
RBC 4.15
HgB 13
Platelets 28
It is amazing to me that he appears to be so normal looking, acting, etc... and know his blood counts look like this. His blood pressure is a little low, heart rate a little high, but all that is normal to them.

We did meet with Dr. Barlogie yesterday. He said everything was looking like it was suppose to at this stage in the game. The MRI showed stable lesions. No change from the last one. So, that's great news that they aren't any bigger. They'll do another one before we leave to check again.

Frank asked Dr. Barlogie about follow up treatment afer this, but he didn't have a solid answer yet. He threw out some ideas but said he wanted to think about it. He hugged and kissed us all, and enjoyed Frances' southern draw.

We still park in the farthest parking lot and still took the stairs... 11 flights in all.

Thursday ended up being a whirlwind of a day! Frank's mom got into town early afternoon. My plan was to go home, stay Friday to catch up on bills, etc and get kids packed up to come back here after school let out of Friday.

And then came the snow forcast.

So, I left Little Rock at 4, ate dinner, visited with friends, grabbed the kids, packed the car (thank you Kristy and Lute) and left at 8 to get back before the bad weather hit. We were back in Little Rock by 10:30. That hour and half home was the fastest hour and a half of my life!

We hadn't gotten to see the kids in over a week. It was good for us to be under the same roof. And we hope Momma got some rest. She slept late Friday morning, and loves the snow, so that's good!

And here is the picture we promised of Carrie Underwood and Chandler. Her, Alexis and Lisa had a good time.

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