Thursday, March 6, 2008


Happy Birthday to Chase! He is 12 years old today. That is a reason to celebrate.

For Peggy and I, being away from him today is a disappointment, but we are so proud of him and look forward to seeing him and the family soon.
Yes today we are thankful. Thankful that dispite the disappointments we have faced concerning this disease, I have had many successful strides in my treatments. Chase was 6 years old when we first started this fight.

Although the effect this has on all 3 of the children weighs heavy on our hearts... many a tear has been shead, many more prayers as well...... Chase's age stands out as a milemarker for us.

One of my deepest fears has been that I would pass at such a young age that Chase would not remember "his dad". When he was 6, memories of me would have been scant.
God has given me one of the most precious gifts of all...time. Time to build memories, time to share hugs, time to! Frank

We are off to get blood drawn now, his levels went up yesterday.... shocker. We were stratching our head yesterday wondering what that was all about. But Dina, our APN said that can happen. Sometimes you see a slight rise after stem cells are in. That's never happened before... just when we think we know this routine like pros.... we learn something new.

We are hoping the MRI results are in today. We found out more information about why they are doing this. This, too, is a new thing. It's because his myeloma in now a non-secreting type. This means it doesn't shed the protein that is detectable by blood or marrow anymore. It's invisible in a loose sense. So, they have to look for it in other ways. This MRI is to see if the chemo was successful in shrinking the lesions that they found.

Please join us in prayer for:
* great MRI results
*for Frank to remain free from infection
*for safe travel as we get the kids tomorrow ~ we are suppose to get 1-3 inches Fri. We are READY to see them. If I have to bob sled to Memphis, I'll do it! ~ and for Frances as she comes to see us today.
* that God would give the kids a peace as we are away, and that they would surrender to let Him meet all their needs.
*keep my mom strong and energized as she cares for them

We are blessed to have the body of Christ care for all our needs so tenderly. Thank you for all you are doing.

They sang to Chase last night at Wed night dinner. Here's the picture off my sister's phone that we got just minutes after it happened. It was so sweet to see it. Love, Frank and Peg


Marisar said...
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Lou Sanders said...

Happy Birthday Chase! You know we are all in this with you and are so grateful for this web site! Have a great weekend and I hope there is snow on the ground but not on the roads!! As Always, Romans 8:28 Lou

Anonymous said...

We are missing you already! Have a sweet time together...and enjoy the beautiful snow! (send a little bit to Memphis). Prayers and Praises continue.....

Love Nana & Papa