Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Transplant Day

We woke up to snow this morning! It was so pretty. Our unit is in the back, so we opened up the blinds, watched the news from bed and watched it snow into the woods behind us. Refreshing.

We are overwhelmed with emotion today, no particular one ~ a potpourri really. Frank is thoughtful and reserve this morning, and sweet as can be.

His counts are coming down faster than we had expected. He'll be neutropenic tomorrow. That means he'll have to wear a mask, no going out in public, no fresh fruit or salad, etc.

White count: 2.30
Platlets 82
Potassium 3.3 (he went home with infusor)

His stem cells ran a little late, but they are in! The whole process takes about 5 minutes. 6.01 million in 54ml. That's a packed house! Standing room only.

We actually took a vidoe of it. But it was too big to upload. I tried! Dina is our APN. We adore her. We've known her for 5 years. She is precious and we are happy she is with us. She did Frank's 3rd tranplant as well.
We are thankful that the Lord has brought us to this point without complication. We are thankful for you and your faithfulness to pray for us. Love from frank and peg


Anonymous said...

Go you stem cells!!!!!! Can't believe how fast those WBCs and platelets came down. Is that an auspicious start???? I pray it is. Great pictures. Is is comforting to see you looking so great, Frank. Love you guys! Pat

Anonymous said...

Hey Bro1
Thinking of You.
Hang in there.
I Love You!

Lou Sanders said...

OK Peg, that Delta weather knowledge that Frank and I possess is obviously worthless! Not only did it snow but it all stuck! What a great picture! Hang in there and as always, we are praying!!!

Anonymous said...

You're looking great, Frank! We are thinking about you every day and wishing you the best..thanks for the call and can't wait to talk to you again soon!

With brotherly love,

David and Kristen Levy

p.s. Technically I guess at this point we might not be blood brothers anymore since our last ritualistic sharing in the late 1970's...but, you'll always be my brother!

Kim Wilson said...

Hi Frank and Peggy,
So glad to have found your site. I am in Missouri and I must say you look much more at better in the snow than I did trying to working in it today! And certainly better than the way I looked when I busted it in the OCharleys parking lot! You know... just act like you meant to fall! Not saying that you've done that, but in case you have you know what I mean...

Nonetheless, just wanted to say"Hi" and I am glad that things are going so well. Know that you are in my prayers
With much love and prayers,
Kim Wilson

Anonymous said...

Hello friends...it was great to hear your voices today. I will be praying for the numbers to go up quick and steady. Is that right Peggy? Thank you for being so patient with my ignorance and for being so willing to explain things to me. Love and miss you.

peg said...

oops. i deleted that. We just wanted to say thank you for sending comments.... it's very encouraging for us to read them... and he will wake up for them! :)

The Varners said...

We love you guys and are constantly in our prayers. Frank is such an inspiration to all of us. Let us know if there is anything we can do.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Great snow pictures - oops, :) and great pictures of you too, Frank. :) Everyone at home is missing you - Casey and Moses too! We are praying, trusting, and praising like crazy and the kids can't wait to see you. Feel our hugs and kisses!
Nana & Papa

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank and Peggy! I am keeping up with you and holding you close in my thoughts and prayers. It is so sweet to hear Marissa and the Boys pray for you. Josh always says, "And, Chase" when we get to the prayer request for Uncle Frank. Those two are destined to be big buddies. Thanks for doing the blog. It lets us all feel close without burdening you. Neely