Tuesday, March 25, 2008

If you read the last page of the book to see how it ends, then here you go…
We are so happy!!

After going back and forth with everybody all day yesterday… we were frustrated to tears. Last night was rough. We both took something to help us sleep. He was chillin’ and shakin’ with 103 again. We put our ipod speakers in the bed with us and listened to worship music (and touched toes) until we fell asleep.

After the labs today, we talked with Deena and we finally got a plan.

His WBC dropped again from 1.7 to 1.2. Fever still high. So, we had an appt to see a Dr. Kiwan. I think he's the infectious disease guy. He was going to see us, determine from labs and MRI that is wasn’t disease process involved and then “petition on our behalf” for Dr. B to let us come home.

Frank and I prayed together in our room. We asked God for specific things and ask for peace about the decisions being made for us. And then headed over to see Dr. Kiwan. He still feels crummy, fever 101. .

All of the sudden, Dr. Barlogie comes in. We weren’t supposed to see him. We were thinking this was about to be a bad scene and that we’d have to beg to please go home. He came in and was as calm and sedate as I’ve ever seen him.

He looked at the chart, asked few questions and said… “what do we want to do?”
“go home”. “treatment will be after this?”
“we could come back April 7th”
“yes, that sounds good”

Oh my! That was such a God thing!! We just stared at each other. God took the desires of our heart and just gave them right to him. No argument. No more tests.

So, Praise the Lord!! We are on our way home. We’re packing up the apt and turning in the keys. Labs at home. Special labs for tumor markers will be drawn and mailed to them.

We already have a return visit for April 7th at 9am. Yippee!!

Praise the Lord with us today!! Frank and Peggy


Anonymous said...

God is so good!!! I am so happy that you got to come home! That is awesome.
Love you guys,

Lou Sanders said...

There is no place like HOME SWEET HOME!! So grateful that the Lord answered your prayers immediately! Now, we are praying that the fever will be completely gone and that Frank feels better asap! God is SO good!
Love You...

karen said...

I am so thankful you're able to be back home! I am praying for you all and must share with you that God is using your journal of faith and endurance to instruct me in many ways. Thank you for sharing... Love, Karen Greene