Saturday, March 29, 2008

Go Tigers!!

Sorry we haven't updated. I was hoping Frank would. Maybe next time.

We were happy to be home so he could be sick in his own bed. Acutally, it's the couch. The couch in our kitchen is his favorite place to lay down. He ran 103 Tues and Wed. Thursday he ran about 100 and by that evening he was normal again. Yeah!!

He had labs drawn at West. White count was up a bit, because of the growth hormone factor shot, and everything else has dropped again. Platelets are 63. Please pray his blood counts will get better before going into this next treatment. He doesn't like getting transfusions.

He went to work Friday but stayed in the office. No sales calls in hospitals. There's sick people in there!! He found that out the hard way!

We watched Memphis play Friday with some youth leaders from church. Zach went out of town for a soccer tournament. Chandler's socializing tonight. Chase is hanging out with cousin Jimmy. Frank made a good soup out of the left over Easter ham.

Normal stuff!! And that feels so good.

We had an emotional week. But we've had good come out of it. We are praising God for some very specific prayer requests that we've had for our family. The kids are hurting and scared. But we are so thankful for the honesty that's started some great conversations. Who would of thought that they didn't think we were scared too? Cause we never told them we were! Oh, this journey that we're on.... we need grace, and mercy. I know I do!

I have never been more aware and appreciative of our community. I don't mean Memphis and Germantown. :) I mean friends, family, church, youth leaders, school administrators. God is using each one to minister to our needs. I know it's from Him. We are so very thankful for each one of you.

Please pray for Frank's body to get stronger each day. For each one of us to be secure in the presence of God and His love for us in our lives each day. For the kids to have a window into their own heart as we talk through things between us. That Frank and I would have wisdom and sensitivity as we deal with each one where they are.

Psalm 40:5 "O Lord my God, You have done many miracles for us. Your plans for us are too numerous to list."

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear the fever is coming down. I had a "Flu" in Feb. with a fever for a week. Makes you feel awful! I know it is much worse when you are already low from chemo drugs. Out prayers are for Frank's healing and for God to meet the needs of each family member. He loves you all so much!
Margaret Martin