Monday, April 7, 2008

"Your comforts delight my soul"

What an exciting weekend we've had! We've been keeping a big secret at our house....

Saturday Chandler had a surprise party for her 16th birthday! She was totally shocked. I'll post a picture soon. It's priceless! (It's the 10th, but we'll be in Little Rock)

This weekend was one of the reasons we asked Dr. Barlogie for the April 7th return date. When we originally made plans, we would have been home for 3 days before the party, and Frank would've been feeling bad from the treatment. Then he got the flu. The delay in treatment would have had us in Little Rock during the party, so we asked for a few more days.

From conception to clean up, God blessed us with the gift of love. When we started planning this, our friends and family knew we were going have trouble getting this done. They tied my hands behind my back, and did this whole party for Chandler. We are so grateful and overwhelmed by all they did. It was a blast.

I didn't realize until the party started and I saw how happy we all were, how our moods have been down lately. It was the first time in a while we were celebrating something. I'm still riding that feeling this morning.

But it couldn't stay Saturday night forever. April 7th is here whether we like it or not.
Frank got up this morning and drove the Little Rock alone for his testing. They don't do bone marrow biopsies anymore so there is nothing invasive. He'll come home tonight and then we'll leave together in the morning.

I stayed behind to take Chase to the doctor for a checkup. And, of course, we'll all watch the Tigers play tonight at 8!

We are nervous about the MRI. They didn't do one the last time we were there. Frank said he was glad, because he wouldn't have come back any sooner no matter what it showed. So why sit on bad news if we didn't get the results we wanted? I agree, but I have to admit, I've been anxious about it. We are praying that it will show improvement on the lesions from the last treatment. That would be a wonderful and hopeful way to begin this next week of chemo.

"In the multitude of my anxieties within me, your comforts delight my soul" Psalm 94:19

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Anonymous said...

It was just so, so wonderful seeing you once again at Small Group. It is just never quite the same without you. Hoping and praying that there will be good news re MRI. Looking forward to seeing pictures of Chandler. It is always so much fun when someone REALLY and TRULY is surprised. Safe trip tomorrow. Love you! The Coes