Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We are in Little Rock. I’m in the process of getting worse before I can get better…that is the way I see it anyway.

To update everyone… We had previously asked that everyone pray for the latest round of tests to show improvement in my bone lesions and that my blood counts would improve without the help of booster drugs.

The bone lesions did not shrink, but they did not get bigger. There were also no new bone lesions found in the hips and shoulders, so things are the same as they were last time. Dr. Barlogie said that it is not unusual for the lesions to remain stable, it is always better for them to shrink, but nothing to be alarmed about. So everyone lift up Praise!

Secondly, my white counts, platelets, etc DID improve from previous testing and I am “strong” enough to start treatments. We were concerned that since my episode with the flu, my counts might need a growth factor shot to stimulate them. It is always better for the body to recoup on is own. Again, everyone offer praise to God for touching my body once again.

So, here we are trying to be productive, going to the clinic every day and doing as we’re told. We miss the apt – the kitchen mostly because now we’re looking for ways to eat cheap while we live in a hotel room for 7 days. Lean Cuisines are looking good… let me tell you.

More later…..Frank


Anonymous said...

Praising the Lord with you. We are praying and love you tons! The Hillis Fam

Anonymous said...

I always get a blessing from reading your blogs. God is using Frank's illness for His glory. We were created to bring glory and honor to the Father that He might draw all ment to Him! Praise God for your faith, hope and trust in Him. The scriptures God is giving you are so enlightening to me! I know this isn't easy, but I'm praising God with you through this! Eternity is something to look forward to... because we'll get to share it together without illness and pain!! Praise God! Love in Christ. Dean Dacus

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the praises-no more lesions and blood recovering without drugs. Hope all goes smoothly with this treatment. You and your family continue to be in our prayers. Sam and Margaret Martin, Chattanooga, TN