Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday Chandler!

Oh, what was I doing 16 years ago today? I was laying in a hospital bed, tired but excited, wearing the most awful looking pink gown (that I'm sure I thought was pretty), watching the clock so I could hold Chandler again. Our life had changed forever. We were parents!

Never in our wildest dreams did we think we wouldn't be with our daughter on her 16th birthday. Life is full of unexpected turns... yet, no matter what challenges we face.. we are truly blessed. This may be weird, but the past few days, I keep hearing Chandler's voice on the video clip they did at church at Frank's 2005 relapse. She said she wanted to be able to share turning 16 and driving with both her parents. I am so very thankful to the Lord that she was able to that. Oh, please let it be so for both the boys as well. Oh Lord, hear our cry!

We did have fun with her on Saturday.... just look at that smile!

We had a busy day today. We didn't like the place we were. Frank thinks like a man... it had a bed and a toilet so what's the problem?? I admit I am a hotel snob. The carpet was pieced together where they had cut big patches out. Dirty, and old. So.... I win! (Actually, he wouldn't admit it but he was with me on this one.)

We checked out and packed the car in the rain, with tornado sirens going off. So, as we pull out of the parking lot ~ now homeless ~ yelling over the sirens.... We realize we have no place to go for shelter. Oh... we didn't think about that.

We ended up my hair dresser/friend's shop. So while we waited out the storm, I got a hair cut! Not too bad!

The hospital wasn't too bad today. We got in and out pretty fast. I'm so glad we had an afternoon time slot. Our nurse said they had all the patients in the hallway this morning for the tornado warning. I bet that was crazy! His labs are good. Just goes in for the bag change, shot and chemo and we're on our way... uneventful. Unless you get hit by a tornado.

We're in our new digs now. Much better!! Kroger had Healthy Choice on sale at Kroger for a buck fifty... guess what we had for dinner??

His spirits are good. He's starting to get tired. Mine are ok too. I'm missing home, missing the kids. Missing work. Our being seperated is magnified when we're gone for special days like a birthday. But we've all celebrated a birthday apart because of treatment. Chandler had her 2003 birthday with us here too. But she got a great present... Frank collected over 40 million stem cells on her birthday. We read it in the archives. That was fun to remember.

It's hard to believe we've been in this battle again since the end of November. Where have 4 months gone? We are so thankful for those of you walking this journey with us. It is an amazing feeling to know we are not alone. What incredibly patient people you are!

Prayer requests:
Strong recovery next week from this treatment.
Success from this treatment ~ visible on the MRI.
No sickness, no infection ~ from him or any of us.
Wisdom as we make decisions about school for kids next year.
God's sweet mercy on our children, every single day.
Energy for Nana.

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12


Anonymous said...

I am so impressed that Frank collected 40 million stem cells! I got 18 mil. and that took 8 days. I think Frank has set a record on that! Your sweet sixteen daughter is beautiful! I pray for her often. God bless you all!
Margaret Martin

Anonymous said...

Hi, Guys, Chandler becomes more and more beautiful! Loved hearing from you and I am praying that no change is actually a good thing; it means to me that some of your last treatment stabilized things and this one may may make a dent. Talked to an old school friend today that is battling (?) ovarian ca; she is on her 40th treatment in five years. And to think that I moaned about my four in four months. Shame!!! I know that it must be so hard being separated from the kids but be aware also that you have such strong ties to them and such a good support system that is at least doable. Love you and you are in our hearts constantly. Pat