Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We got an early start this morning. And you know what they say about the early bird.... we left encouraged!

Frank had fever last night but the meds they gave him must be working. His CRP level did drop some to 12.24. WBC went up a bit to 0.13. But the others seem to be dropping still.

RBC 3.41
Hct 30.9
Platelets 21

He got an infusor of Phosphorous and Potassium today. They were low.

We are going to do IV antibiotics every 8 hours here at the apt. I hook them up for him. He gets annoyed with the "bottle" connected to him all the time. But it's nice that he can get those meds here.

Deena was very encouraging today and said she thinks he's doing fine. She feels better about his labs.

The kids were happy to see us home by 11. Usually we don't leave for the hospital until then. We have the rest of day together now. :)

Keep praying that CRP level goes down. We are so thankful!! Have a wonderful day!

The criteria for going home is:
WBC over 2.0
Platelets over 30 for 3 days with no transfusions
CRP under 3.0
No fever

Todays "Streams in the Desert" talks about how God used strong winds to deliver the Israelites. It makes an analogy, of course, to our strong winds...

"Though winds are wild, And the gale unleashed,
My trusting heart still sings:
I know that they mean no harm to me,
He rides upon their wings."

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Ginger said...

Hi Frank!! I'm supposed to be packing my suitcase to leave at 4:00 AM tomorrow morning for the airport to Memphis, but typically, I'm pouring over your website and enjoying catching up on you all. I can't wait to come down next time when the boys are out of Kristin's belly and you are back on Cotton Boll. I just love seeing you all together. The photos are great! I can't wait to get together at Skip and Kristin's pool and share some good laughs again. I really enjoyed the short time that we shared last year. Keep that HOPE growing and know how many prayers are coming your way each day. Talk to you soon. Love, Ginger Raimann *Kristin's mom)