Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yippee.... yippee.... Frank's doing SO good!

Last night his back was aching and pulsing. Zach would put his hands on his back to try and feel it. I've decided that's the man version of trying to feel a baby kick! Frank's saying.."there, can you feel it?" Zach's like, "it think so, is that it?" Very funny.
He's been aching all morning as well. That's good, because that means the bone marrow is generating cells ~ and it is!
WBC 0.61
RBC 3.33
Hbg 10.4
Hct 30.7
Platelets were 20.

She offered a bag of platelts since he was on the line of requiring a transfusion (20 is the cut off), but he said "no thank you" like he was turning down dessert at a restaurant. :)

If they drop any more he'll get some tomorrow, but Frank has a twinkle in his eye like he's trying to say he thinks he won't need them.

The CRP level we are concerned about went all the way down to 7.72 today! That's great!
That's the value that measures inflammation. So, whatever made it shoot up to 15, (which Deena admitted today scared her) seems to have been taken care of with the GI meds and antibiotics he's been getting.

We're still in IV antibiotics every 8 hours at the apt.

He's got a spring in his step. We've got the windows open, I'm cleaning, changing sheets, etc... (It sure is a lot easier to clean an apt) Frank's even making sales calls for work!

Frank's patience is tested at this point in the process. He's feeling better and ready to go home. Deena just laughed today and said, "I'm not letting you go until I'm good and ready..."
He told me yesterday he thought he's be home by the weekend. Telling him that wouldn't happen was like telling a little kid there was no Santa Clause.

We see the doctor next Tues. It would be wonderful to be home for Easter. That a great goal!

Thank you so much for your faithfulness to pray for our family. We are blessed indeed. And thanks for the comments you post and for the emails. They really do mean a lot to Frank..and me!

Have a great day.... much love from Little Rock...

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Anonymous said...

Praise God for his faithfulness! I am pleased to hear your step has a spring! kristy