Thursday, April 24, 2008's been since Monday that we posted an update on how things are going. I guess we have been caught up in such a cycle of "same-ol, same ol thing" that I took it for granite that everyone doesn't know the path we've walked this week.

For starters, my Tuesday labs came back worse than they've ever been. WBC was .001, Platelets fell too under 10, and my electriclights were way low. I haven't scene people running around and getting busy like that since Chase caught himself on fire striking matches over at the Cocci's house. That burnt carpet smell lasted forever.

Anyway, once they got me stablized I rode in an ambulance over to Baptist East and halfway their a car ran the red light and smashed into our vehicle. It turned out to be some young kid listening to rap music that was turned up to loud. He was already late for school at Christian Brothers, but now he was even later. He was going so fast that he was thown through the window and it cut his ears off. I guess he will have to turn the music up even louder from now on.

Once we got that mess untangled, and I got his dad's insurance card, we made it to the Outpatient Services are for some blood.

Once I had been photographed, fingerprinted, and forced to sign one of those living will thingy's I recieved 3 units of blood; 2- whole and 1 platlets.

As I mentioned before, all week has been a repeat of the same cycle of events, minus the car wreck of course. I think this week should be named SHAMPOO. Like it says on the bottle, "rinse hair, lather up with Herbal Invasion, then REPEAT".

Of course if you are still reading this POST, you must know by now that most of this tail is made up and the misspelled words are there to drive all of you "English Teacher" types crazy.

I hope this made up story put a smile on your face and perhaps got you to chuckle. That's what I'm doing in spite of the wierd things that have been going on with my health.

The truth is I have been going in for labs every day and I really have been having a hard time making blood. My White Count is still extremly low, but making a move in the right direction. I have recieved blood products (whole & platlets) every day except Tuesday, and my body is just plain beat up. I do feel good, which is a good thing but on the inside things just aren't right.

As you pray, just lift me up so that I can avoid infection and that my body will repair itself soon. I miss being able to high five my friends and tell stories to complete strangers. Hopefully that will come soon.

May God Bless You!



Anonymous said...

Glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humor! We were getting worried. You are in our prayers. Keep looking UP! Margaret Martin

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I was with you all the way until the boy's ears were cut off and then I had to go back and re-read it to make sure I wasn't going crazy. HAHAHA You got me! Loved it!