Friday, July 4, 2008


We hope everyone is having a wonderful day. A day of fun. A day off work!! Frank and I had a quick stay at the hospital this morning.

His platelets were 10 today, so he got a bag. White count 0.02. His CRP marker which measures inflammation was up a tad, so they did blood cultures to be safe. Just pray Frank stays free from infection. Several people are getting admitted into the hospital from our unit. Our nurse said, "it's those PAC MED patients". Oops.... She probably didn't mean to say that. We're one of those 4 patients that got those drugs. We are praying that Frank stays healthy through this recovery.

He feels good today with energy enough to cook our "beenie weenies" and pork chops. I love seeing him do what he enjoys. We have a small watermelon too, but with his platelets so low, I won't let him cut it up. No knives. :)

It's raining here. That makes me sad for people watching fireworks. The kids are glad to be home for the weekend, hanging out with friends and family.

Love to all.... peg and frank


Anonymous said...

I'm getting mixed signals here. First you're out at the pool soaking up rays, then you say it's raining and Frank says you're sleeping.

Sounds like hanky panky to me!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 4th to the Carltons! Peg,I am soooo very proud of your red and blue coloring on your update! It shows amazing computer skills and creativity (Jennifer and Tracey are going to be jealous)! Have a good evening!
Love to All,

Wright & Cindy said...

Remember no knives and no running with scissors! Keep improving and we loves y'all.

Wright & Cindy

Anonymous said...

only a computer nerd like Lou would think about the colors ... I am doing good to figure this whole blog thing out. All i am saying is knowing Frank the beenie weanies had hot sauce in them ... no one in my neighborhood shot fire works ... made me miss the New Years Eve where Frank tried to blow the place up. Miss ya'll alot. Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Watched fireworks from the Charles River (always the best!) and the Boston Symphony last night. Great, but you just don't get that feeling in your stomach when you watch it on TV. It sounds as if some energy is returning, Frank, despite the low plts. Great. You can fix beanie weenies for us anytime!!! How about next small group???? Thinking of you both. Much love, Pat

Anonymous said...

We are ever praising His name though praise, prayer and psalms:

Psalms 100
Psalms 103
Psalms 113
Psalms 116

and a new one - Psalms 130

Thank you (each and everyone of you) for your faithful watch care and powerful prayers over our son. Great is His faithfulness.

mom and dad