Friday, July 11, 2008

Now that's what we're talking about....

Hi everyone....

As you read this, Frank is downstairs watching TV from home in Germantown. WE ARE HOME!

We saw Dr. Barlogie this morning. He was talkative about everything except Frank's treatment. He was pleased with how well he tolerated everything.... which he did!! Answered prayer!! "Come back in 4 weeks. Labs bi-weekly at home" was all we got out of him.

Frank's platelets were 21 today. They have to be 50 to pull the central line, so they transfused him, only to have them increase to 33. So they gave him another bag, which got them up to 44. They bent the rules a bit and pulled the line anyway. He was so so glad to have that out of his chest. But he's under some pretty strict orders to not lift anything, or use his right arm or move it around a lot.

I was never so glad to have the kids around! They pitched in and help us pack up the apt. Chandler and I's cars were so loaded down! We worried it wouldn't all fit, but it did. We got a celebration milk shake and hit the road in 5 o'clock traffic. All we could see was the Memphis-Ark bridge at that point!

The nurse said Frank would probably be neutrapenic again by Monday. He stopped getting the growth factor shots, so we should expect to see a drop. He will still be recovering even though we are home. He's suppose to lay low and stay away from crowded places.

It was so good to be home. My mom and dad met us here with our cat and dog ~ who, by the way, don't love us anymore. Casey followed my dad out the door as if to say "wait for me". They helped me unload the car knowing Frank couldn't and we had a quick dinner together. We hadn't seen them since we left, so that was a sweet treat.

Even though we are glad to be home, we made friends with new patients this time. Precious couples from Houston, Miami, Kentucky, Detroit and Nashville. One lady is 36 yrs old and has an 18 month old baby. I am finding that my thoughts are still in Little Rock this evening as we've left our friends there. I pray for God's healing mercy on each one of them.

Thank you for your prayers, your emails, and messages, texts and treats that encouraged us each day!! We love you so much!!

Psalm 33:20-22 We wait in hope for the Lord; he is our help and our shield. In Him our hearts rejoice for we trust in his holy name. May your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord even as we put our hope in You.


Anonymous said...

Great news that you are all home together! Hope you have a wonderful, restful weekend! 'Da Conways

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you went home on Day 11! (or is it officially Day 10?) Wow! We are so glad you have done so well! Please rest and obey orders. We will keep on praying! Love, Sam & Margaret Martin

Anonymous said...

Hurrah!!!! There IS no place like home! Praying for daily improvement on all levels, plts., WBCs, etc. We leave on Tues. but shall call before we leave and will have email access most of the time so be sure and keep us posted. We love you! The Coes

Anonymous said...

I am so glad ya'll are home. btw i am sure that kibbles and khaki don't know me anymore. I wish I could see ya'll. Wilson isn't feeling good and I am tired of being here. Pray for my attitude.
I am soo happy that ya'll are all home together.

Anonymous said...

YEA!!!!! Glad you are home!! Love and Hugs, Lou & Family