Monday, July 14, 2008

You didn't click on anything different... I'm just playing around with the templates. I was going to say I'm bored, but I have so much I should be doing... it's really more like procrastination from my "to do" list.

Frank rested most of the weekend. He still very tired and uncomfortable in his ribs and back, but so glad to be sleeping in his own bed!

He had labs today at West Clinic. There were some changes in his numbers, but the good news is he didn't need any transfusions. Yeah! His white count dropped to 2.2, which is slightly above being neutrapenic. His platelets held their own at 37. We were excited about that! His Hct and Hgb both fell to 27 and 9, which explains his being winded easily. His body is strong and he'll continue to recover over these next few weeks. He won't get labs drawn again until Thursday.

He is going to Elliott for a few hours. Even if he had strict orders to stay home, he would go in. So I just encouraged him to wear a mask anyway and be really careful. He's blessed to have a job he loves and I know he has missed everyone in the office.

Please for:
protection over him these next 4 weeks,
for him to move forward in recovery with no setbacks,
wisdom with decision making,
and for sweet family time together.

Love to you....

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