Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Well, we had an interesting day!

Frank and I got to the hospital at 7 am. We think he had another good day of collecting. Our guy today told us he expects about 1.3 million, but they'll know tomorrow after they've been counted. Anything over 500,000 means we get to keep going. After Frank collected, he got a bag of whole blood and Potassium/Magnesium "to go". He was tired at the end of today.

Frank dressed up for Halloween. He got the usual glances, laughs, and of course, the ones who walk on the other side of the hallway afraid of him. He had fun with it and it lightened his load, which makes me happy. He wore the hospital patient outfit with the gown open in the back, the 'booty' showing, and topped it off with his bad teeth inserts. If you've ever seen the movie Radio... that's what he looked like.... a white Radio in the hospital.

We made it out of hospital just in time to have an adventure. My friend Heather and her husband took a hot air balloon ride last week. Through the course of the ride, our name came up and she shared our story with the Balloon guy. He said he wanted to take us up! Up, Up and Away.... in a beautiful balloon! He's a pilot with FedEx, (and a Miss State fan) but lives here and has been doing balloons for 20 years. We were thrilled at the idea of it.... (Chase was very nervous, which we teased him about. But he was brave and got over it) It was a clear and gorgeous day and just amazing!! Frank didn't think it was best for him to go up, so he stayed with the 'chaser' and met up with us at the end. He took pictures.

There we are...... yes, there are 5 of us in that tiny basket!

Tomorrow, we have to be in Apheresis at 7. They are going to collect and get us out of there quick so we can make our appointment to see Dr. Barlogie. We're anxious to discuss the PET, MRI and plans for vertebraeplasty. Frank is most anxious to get his ticket to Germantown.

We are specifically asking for prayer about our time with Dr. Barlogie ~ that God would give him all he needs to fight this disease and still meet each patients needs with wisdom and compassion.

Until tomorrow..... :)


Anonymous said...

will we get to see pics of Frank's costume?! can't wait to welcome you all home soon.
- Kristy

Anonymous said...

Frank, you took some beautiful photos! I know it was fun for everyone! Yeah, I'd like to see that Halloween costume too!
robin d.