Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wow I’m awake.

Peggy is helping Chase with school, so I am decided to make a contribution to the website. Actually, Peggy has the info; and knows the facts much better than I do. I get confused…. plus she’s a better speller.

Then of course there’s the issue with me sleeping all the time. Especially since stem cell collection began, I sleep almost all day. I wake up to be shuttled off to get hooked up to the “stem cell sucker” machine, then off for more tests, then a shot, maybe a bathroom break, or Dr’s visit, and then I go back to the apartment totally drained. So, I sleep some more.

We got word today that I will probably be finished with stem cell collection Friday or Saturday. My collection count for today was right at 700,000, which is on the low side. All in all, we think the collection process was a success because I wound up with nearly 6 million cells, which is enough for another transplant.

Another cool thing that happened from yesterday is that I started using a pain relieving patch ~ Fentanyl, instead of pain pills. I can take the pills in addition to the patch but I haven't had to. The patch has made me a lot more mobile, since I don’t have peaks and valleys. Now I don’t have to wonder if it is going to hurt to stand up because my meds have worn off.

Believe it or not, just typing all this up is making me tired, so I’ll let Peggy finish this note. Before I go, I do want to thank you all for being so diligent in your prayers, it gives me strength and I thank you.

Yes, glad Frank is awake and in the living room with us! He even helped Chase with some history. I like it when he updates, I just can't get him to very often.

Yesterday’s appointment with Dr. Barlogie left us drained and confused. At the end of it all, we decided to press on with collection, while he met with his team at Tuesday Conference (a round table discussion about your specific case) and we would meet with him again next Wed.

Frank spiked a 101.7 fever last night and still had fever during his collection today, so we went back to our unit and saw the APN and doctor there. They opted not to give him antibiotics while he is collecting because it interferes with the process. They ran blood cultures, etc and are watching him. He’s had infusers, whole blood and/or platelets every day. Collection depletes these things so it's normal to need replacements.

When I dropped him off yesterday, a lady that helps patients from their car to the doors knows who we are. She got a kick out of his outfit the other day too. She told Frank that radiology didn’t realize he was joking when he "dropped in" and thought he was a patient on the loose. They called Campus Police and they were looking for him for 2 hours! Oh… Frank enjoyed hearing that!

We'll be in touch! Have a GREAT time trick or treating! We'll miss being out in our cove with our neighors and miss our neighorhood party.

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Sharon said...

Hey Peggy and Frank, thanks for the update. Still praying and knowing God is in control....Tell Frank keep fighting, we have the victory.