Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Tuesday morning and I apologise for taking so long to publish this, but we had a long day Monday. When we pulled up to our house, little angels had decorated our yard for Christmas, and our table was set for dinner. After that, the snuggling began.....

To begin with, the meeting with the Dr. went about like we thought it would...I still have some areas of active disease. We kinda sorta knew this was going on, although we had hoped by some miracle, that the myeloma sites were going away.

The tough part is that I have a new lesion above my right eye over the frontal lobe that is causing me to have double vision among a few other symptoms. We wound up getting into an difficult situation with Dr. B in Little Rock asking me to stay for immediate radiation treatment, but my insurance telling me since I had suitable facilities in Memphis I needed to go home. We wound up coming home. It was sleeting in Little Rock when we left and we were glad to get out of there when we did.

All of that was a direct answer to prayer and a confirmation for us. Last week, after careful thought and consideration, we changed local oncologist and I am now back with my first doctor, Alva Weir. He had moved away, but is with UT group now. Peggy ran into him a few weeks ago not realizing he was seeing patients again. We met with him last week and decided to make the move. He helped us set things up right away and I have an appointment this morning with a radiologist to see about getting started with radiation to the lesion pressing on the right eye area.

Running late.... please pray! We'll report more later tonight.

Love Frank & Peggy

OK, it’s the end of another long day but progress was made.

Peggy and I met with Dr Lee this morning, who explained that he needed a special CAT Scan that involved me making a mask and having different kind of MRI in order to for them to make a final plan for treatment. Thankfully we got it all done today.

I was also discussed at Tuesday conference in Little Rock. When Dr. Lee called to have the MRI FedEx-ed here, Dr. Barlogie's nurse was taken off guard. They thought I was there, ready for treatment. We explained what happened with insurance and that we would be back the week as soon as these radiation treatments are over. She shared with me more chemo with stem cell recovery was discussed this morning. At least now I know what their thinking. But like we said before, we are glad to be home for now ... home for Christmas.

Wednesday we will be waiting on a call back from Dr Lee’s office to let us know when the treatments will begin.

We will be back on offense with my cancer soon!


Anonymous said...

WE continue to pray, pray, pray.
YOU continue to be an example of trust and faith. I can only imagine the lives you are touching as you continue the journey. God bless you every step of the way!
Love, Margart Martin

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting your intimate updates. We all appreciate your candidness. We will pray for each of you as you proceed. We are hopeful about your appt. with your former oncologist. Lots of Love, Barbara and Scott

Anonymous said...

Much Love. Much Prayer.

Anonymous said...

love you all very much ... our family is praying for you! Have a wonderful family filled Christmas.
ben and jennifer and the girls

Anonymous said...

Praying for you...Love ya

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you all!! Much love, prayer, and warm wishes for a beautiful Christmas! 'Da Conway's