Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thank you so much for the sweet notes, calls and prayers for our family these past few weeks.For any of you that knew Big Frank, you know how very much we miss him.

We returned home from Greenville late late Thursday night. Friday we tried to switch gears and prepare to leave on our trip to Colorado with the church. The kids left on the buses with the youth group on Saturday afternoon, but our caravan left early Saturday morning. The buses drive straight through, but I am not up for that! We stayed over in Kansas and it broke the trip up for us.
The week was wonderful, weather beautiful and fellowship even better. It was fun being able to ski with kids during the day, but I missed Frank's company on the mountain very much. Coming home for a quiet night in the cabin by the fire was most comforting. He found his own fun during the day and has some wonderful pictures to show for his outings. He and my mom found a beautiful babbling brook and took video of the sound, but they are most proud of the mile high meringue on a piece of pie in a local diner. If you know Frank well, you know he travels on his stomach. He'll gauge any trip on how good the food was.... he said he had a great time!

Frank only had one evening where he felt bad, but thankfully the next day was much better. His fever broke, never came back and we made it home so so happy that the trip was a success. It was a huge goal for us as a family. Thank you Jesus for Your watch care over us!

On the way home we stopped off in Little Rock and hugged the nurses and staff at UAMS. It was wonderful to see them. Just walking the halls reminds of how much God has done! Blessings after blessings. Even though we are home now, our hearts are full of gratitude and will forever be with the staff that had cared so tenderly for Frank these past 6 years. We took pictures and laughed with them before getting back on the road and it made a great end to our adventure.

Monday will be a challenging day at our house. The kids have missed 2 weeks of school. We'll be trying to regroup and finish the year strong! Monday, Frank will have labs drawn and to see how he's doing with Dr. Weir. Frank has a new little bump that is on his skull. It popped up over night, literally. He says he's growing a horn. :) I'm sure we'll have some things to discuss with Dr. Weir. Thank you for your prayers in advance concerning his next course of treatment.

I like this picture of Frank and I, esp because it was taken on my birthday. I skied with the kids in the morning and had lunch with Frank in town in the afternoon. (He asked me on a date... yahoo!) Frances and I share our birthday together and we had fun talking to her too. She had a fun filled day with her sister in Greenville, but we look forward to seeing her so we can blow candles out together.

Ps 107:1 "Oh give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His mercy endures forever."


Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us hang out in your times and great memories. I'm so happy that you got to go. Love you, Jane

David Morris said...

What a blast!!! Glad everyone had a great time.

robin d said...

So happy for your great trip! Can't wait to see all the pictures.
The pie definitely sounds like a highlight, Frank!! :)

pat coe said...

Thrilled that a good time was had by all and all got home safely. Thinking of you with love and prayers----Pat