Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good morning from Little Rock.....

Technology has changed so much. Facebook got the news out before Carltongang. Sorry for the delay. Frank tried for an hour to update last night, but he admits that details aren't his strong suit, so he deleted it and pushed the computer over to me.

His fever had been consistently going up and his congestion hadn't gotten any better. Yesterday, as he was getting ready to see Dr. Weir we noticed his temp was 101. By the time we got the office, it was 102.7.
He also had a pain in his right calf, sensitive to the touch. Dr. Weir ordered test to be run at Baptist Outpatient: blood cultures, chest xray, and an doppler/xray of the leg (to rule out a clot). But before we packed up we discussed with him our options.

We were suppose to be in Little Rock Friday for test and again on Tues to see Dr. Barlogie. We didn't want to miss those appointments. Treatment in Memphis would mean IV antibiotics as an impatient in the hospital. (Can you believe in over 6 years, Frank has never been admitted as an impatient?) But in Little Rock, they can be administered as an outpatient. So, as a practical matter, it made more sense to just come to AR and get IV drugs and not miss our tests. Dr. Weir being the gracious man that he is, didn't have a problem with that, called to speak with Dr.'s in LR, set up orders, and said "keep in touch with me." When we count our blessings ~ and there are MANY ~ Dr. Weir is at the top of the list.

The kids were great. We called and told them to pack up. We chuckled at how we looked like people running from the FBI as fast as we got out of Memphis. But we are very grateful for everyone that made it easy. With one phone call we got dog, cat, mail, paper, etc taken care of. Thank you so much.

We stayed up late watching TV with the kids, playing on the computers, and hanging out. Chase even took a quiz. We talked again about how God went before us to organize this year with school the way He did. Zach mentioned last night how glad he was that we were all here together. Amen to that.

So... with all that history, welcome to the confusion.... We are here. Suppose to be in the chemo room at 9 for labs, etc.

Frank woke up with no fever. The pain in his leg is gone. All gone. He said his congestion is better today.

We believe in miracles! Prayers have been lifted. Praise the Lord for improvement.

Walking into UAMS was like coming home to family for the holidays. Lucrecia stamps our parking sticker, David, drew the labs. We hugged Sandra, one of the nurses, and talked with Deena, our APN.... all just walking around in the hallway. Not that all their names are important..... It's just to show how very familiar and at home we are here. It's a 6 year history, a comfort level, emotional security and confidence, etc.

We're waiting on labs to come back and then Frank sees the infectious disease doctor.
Please pray for wisdom for him, and definitive diagnosis and clear cut answers about what we do next.

Proverbs 2:6 For the LORD gives wisdom, and from His mouth come knowledge and understanding.

Psalm 9:10 Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.

Love, Peg, Frank and the kids


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you that you are in a place where you feel so comfortable and things are so familiar. I know that has to help.
Always praying...
Love you,
Jane for the Hillis Fam

Barbara & Scott said...

I'm sure it is comfort to be in
Little Rock, thank you for keeping
us all posted. Much love & prayers,
Barbara & Scott Cunningham

Anonymous said...

Wow-that's great news! So glad to hear Frank's temp's down & feeling better! We gotcha covered here in Carlton Corner--when the Feds stopped by @ 7:11pm last night & showed us yer pikture, we tole 'em they just miss'd ya & we had no ide-er where you-ins wuz headed. :) They said y'all were wanted fer being such great friends! Love ya bunches, Colleen, Brad, Cole & McKennah

Anonymous said...

prayers are a powerful thing ...
so glad the fever is gone and leg is better!
love you all

Julie Ann and Cannon said...

we'll be waiting for you here in Memphis with prayers of peace and good home cooking! love to each one of you, Julie Ann & Cannon

Anonymous said...

We are also relieved that you in a familiar, comfortable place-a huge comfort compared to the inconvenience. Prayer is so amazing, isn't it? In my mind it is miraculous how it works. Love you guys, Pat and Ron

Anonymous said...

We thank the Lord for no fever and no more leg pain and for comfort from those precious healthcare friends who we know love you all as we do!
Loving you & Always, Always Praying
Lou and Family

Anonymous said...

Praying for our mighty Father to shower you with compassion, knowing that He will and does each minute of every day. You just gotta love how He allows us all to join His precious Son's intercession for each of you. Praying for Godly wisdom to be given to everyone who is caring for Frank. I pray for sweet restful sleep and joy filled days in LR. Love Paula